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Kolomoisky as Karlson

Not that Kolomoisky’s resignation was too unexpected, but at the same time surprised, saddened, delighted and puzzled many. What will happen next – both in Kolomoisky himself and in the Poroshenko team? The version was offered by the people’s deputy and journalist Sergey Vysotsky.

Kolomoisky once again proved that he is a large-scale player and an excellent strategist. Feeling that public opinion is leaning not in his direction and that the conflict may move into a phase of critical escalation, he resigned. I didn’t bring down Privatbank, didn’t play the scenario of destabilization of the region, as many were afraid of, but retreated. And having ordered a triumph for myself at last – a celebration in Dnepropetrovsk.

Voluntary resignation relieves the personal conflict between him and the president, while not critically reducing the influence of the CPI itself. With or without the building of the regional state administration, Kolomoisky remains Kolomoisky. That is, by a man whom even the Yanukovych’s family bulldozer couldn’t crush.
Further. Having removed the question of his position from the agenda, Kolomoisky poses a number of other questions to the president, his vertical and society. And I am afraid that Poroshenko’s team and Poroshenko’s team will not give clear answers to many of them. The first question will concern the new governor of Reznichenko – a friend of the head of the Administration Boris Lozhkin and Poroshenko himself. Of course I do not want to wangue, but it seems to me that the tradition of landing three friends, only for a position, and not in prison, and this time will play a cruel joke with the president. And if instead of digging trenches in the soap, the new governor begins his work with an inventory of “themes” and administrative backroom wars, this will critically affect the prestige of the president. Further, the situation in which the schemes in UkrTransNeft will remain even after leaving Kolomoisky’s management company will critically affect the prestige of the president, and Bankova’s inattention to the games of other oligarchs will critically affect the president’s image. And so on and so forth.

The same list of questions will eventually be asked to the most ardent supporters of the CPI’s resignation. When at one of the programs Sergey Leshchenko was told about how Kolomoisky was pumping process oil from a pipe, I wanted to inform him that Yeremeyev did the same, for example, while oil was being stolen from a pipeline that was driving the product through Ukraine in transit. Now I expect that the BPP and the ardent and principled critics of Kolomoisky will help us in our struggle with the Stavitsky-Kurchenko-Boyko schemes in the oil and gas sector. And if you do not want to help, then I will tell you about it. After all, we have one law for all, it seems?

And Kolomoisky? He, like Carlson, has flown away, but he will definitely come back.

    Kolomoisky once again proved that he is a large-scale player and an excellent strategist. Feeling that public opinion …